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Remote Support

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Call us at 503-665-5197

Get your problem fixed by one of our expert technicians

Enjoy the rest of your day without the stress of computer problems!

Email us at remotesupport@eastwindcomputers.com for questions or concerns

Remote Support Hotline: 503-665-5197

Ready to get started? It is fast and easy!

Call us at 503-665-5197 and we will connect you to one of our expert technicians. Tell us your computer problem and we will let you know if we would be able to fix it through remote support, or if you would need to contact our store.

We will tell you exactly how to connect our technician to your PC. You simply click "This Link" and we will guide you through the rest.

Finally, the technician will work on your computer while you watch. If the technician is successful you will confirm the work was done properly, then the technician will permanently disconnect from your computer and won't be able to reconnect unless you invite us back in at a later date.


$100 Flat Rate

After you call our support number, the receptionist will discuss your issue, making sure it is something that can be done remotely. We will then get the credit card information from you, you will be charged a $100 flat rate fee.

Want to know more?

Our remote support is a little different than most. Unlike other businesses that outsource their support over seas, our technicians are all local residents. If you swing by our store, you'll often find us there working on remote problems just like yours.

Being in business for over 20 years, we have the experience needed to fix most problems remotely instead of you needing to bring your computer into our physical location. Some of the common items we help customers with include:

  • Software Errors

  • Virus/Spyware Cleanup

  • Install/Uninstall Software

  • Local Data Backups

  • Make sure Antivirus is working correctly

  • Tuneup/Clean Computer Startup

  • Setup Printers

  • Setup Outlook

If your computer is not able to get onto the internet or you have a problem with your hardware, we will not be able to do a remote session. In this case, our physical location is more than prepared to help with this and any other issue you may be having. Give us a call at 503-665-3358 if this is the case.