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    We have a large inventory of cables, adapters, fans, components, and peripherals in stock.

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    We sell both laptops and desktops. If we don't have it or cant build it, we will get it for you asap.

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    Our new computers are built better than anything you can buy anywhere else, period.

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    Come in and check out our great selection of build-it-yourself computer components.

Remote Support

Eastwind Computers will take payment for Remote Support before connecting to your computer.

Established business customers and\or Remote Monitored and Maintenance “RMM” customers bill be billed if required. Follow up on recently repaired computers may have remote repair fees waived.

Remote Support is charged at a $100 flat fee. There are no refunds for remote service

If remote repairs are unsuccessful an "In Store" discount of 50% off labor will be applied to continue the repairs at Eastwind Computers.

I either have a full current backup of my system including all important information or I will personally accept all responsibility for not having one.

We can help you get a full backup of your computer before repairs are made – ask us about this when calling in for service.

I understand that Eastwind Computers will, to the best of their abilities, repair my computer & not lose any data but I will not hold Eastwind Computers responsible for any damage or data loss that may occur while they attempt to repair my computer.

If your computer is not able to get onto the internet or you have a problem with your hardware, we will not be able to do a remote session. In this case, our physical location is more than prepared to help with this and any other issue you may be having. Give us a call at 503-665-3358 if this is the case.